The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

The 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award

We've been nationally recognized for our dedication to our customers, our community, and the Subaru Love Promise.

We're honored to receive the 2021 Subaru Love Promise Customer and Community Commitment Award. This award nationally recognizes elite Subaru retailers who provide an exceptional customer experience at every interaction with Subaru. These retailers have also demonstrated an outstanding commitment to supporting passions and causes in their local communities in important areas such as the environment, community, health, education, and pets.


What is the Subaru Love Promise?

Subaru and our retailers believe in making the world a better place and the Subaru Love Promise is our vision of respecting all people. This is our commitment to show love and respect to our customers and to work to make a positive impact in the world.

How is Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

Ani Care Shelter

Annex Charter School

Meals on Wheels

Saint Alphonsus

Did Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru go above and beyond, provide exceptional service, or support causes that are important to you? We'd love to hear about it.

Love Promise Stories from Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru

Subaru and Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Subaru Loves Pets- Ani-Care Animal Shelter, INC. - Amanda G

Once again, our favorite event has come and gone and we could not be happier about the outcome of the 2021 Subaru Loves Pets event. We had 13 dogs adopted with their new family telling us they heard about the event or had come to the event and had fallen in love with one of the dogs. That is amazing. Our dogs enjoy getting out to meet new people and see new sites. The playpen for the dogs is always clean, the staff LOVES to come play with the dogs and record videos of them to send to their friends and family. It is like having an event with 20 volunteers except they just work there! The goodie bags are always on point and help any new adopter transition our dogs into their homes much easier. We definetly couldn't of asked for a better Subaru Retailer to take us under their wings and help us find so many dogs new forever homes. Thank you Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru for once again going above and beyond for us and our pups!

Ani-Care Animal Shelter Inc.
Subaru Loves Pets- Ani-Care Animal Shelter, INC.

FHS Art Class Loves Learning - Deanna G

Subaru Loves Learning and AdoptAClassroom Dear Subaru, My name is Deanna Grimes and I teach Art at Fruitland High School, in Fruitland, Idaho. I just wanted to write this letter to thank you for adopting one of my art classes. Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru has made this a wonderful experience. The Subaru Loves Learning Program with AdoptAClassroom was a very generous donation for my students. I teach just over 140 students, grades 9th-12th, in Art 1, Art 2, Illustration, Introduction to Design, and Direct Studies Advanced Art. Many of my students aren’t able to purchase the needed art supplies for their art class and I operate on a very limited budget. Your donation has helped me to purchase quality art supplies for my students to succeed and advance in their artistic abilities. I was able to order 17 sets of Prismacolor colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, 100 lbs of air dry clay for sculpting and ceramics, high quality charcoal paper pads, drawing pads, illustration board, and bristol paper. These much needed supplies have been such a blessing to my program and students. Thank you so much for helping me to provide for my students and support their love for Art! I hope we can be a part of this great program again next year. Sincerely, Deanna Grimes Fruitland High School Art Teacher 452-4411

Subaru Loves Pets - Adoption Day 2021 - Helen D

Subaru Loves Pets—Adoption Day 2021! Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru hosted their dog adoption with Ani-Care Animal Shelter on Saturday, October 23rd. We had a very small break in the weather and were able to get four of the dogs adopted. Many people looking for dogs made appointments with the shelter to visit on Monday and so many generous people who have already adopted brought food, blankets and toys. Our communities are so fortunate to have a no-kill shelter that will take dogs from all over our area. Ani-Care Animal Shelter has taken care of hundreds of dogs and makes sure their shelter dogs are in good health before they leave. All dogs are spayed or neutered and all their shots are current before the shelter veterinarian signs off on them. If you have a lost dog or you are wanting to adopt one contact Ani-Care Animal Shelter in Nyssa. Serving Eastern Oregon and Southwest Idaho.

Ani-Care Animal Shelter
Subaru Loves Pets - Adoption Day 2021

Subaru Loves Learning CWI - Ted W

As part of Subaru Loves Learning, Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru reach out to the College of Western Idaho Technician Program and invited them to our dealership. CWI focuses on partnerships with franchise dealerships to ensure that they are providing the exact skills dealerships are looking for in the next generation of technicians. These young goal driven individuals come out of the program with certifications in AAS, ATC, ITC and BTC. During the visit they had an opportunity to tour the facility, equipment, service drive and a questions and answers. During the questions and answers portion of our visit we learned what’s important to career driven techs in today’s world. One of the most important to all of them was a road map to success and a support system to help them get there. Another was time flexibility, a clean and drama-free environment and a chance to grow. They understand the importance of vehicle respect, customer respect and fixing it right the first time. We were able to go through the advantages of working for the Auto Ranch but the advantage of working on Subaru’s and working in a Subaru Dealership. Subaru Loves Learning is targeted to Middle & High School students, we believe thinking outside the box and looking closer, down the road was a huge success. We accepted three applications from students wanting to enter our intern program. Our goal is to hire, pay, guide and set Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru up with completely trained and certified technicians for the future.

Subaru Loves Learning CWI

National Night Out - Helen D

National Night Out August 3, 2021 ~ Mesa Park, Fruitland, Idaho. Nationally, this event brings our local police departments, sheriff departments and other ems into their communities to help build relations and erode common misconceptions associated with law enforcement. This year our small community was faced with a very difficult situation, as our law enforcement agencies were very busy searching for a 5-year old boy who is missing from our community. When we were asked to help make this event a success, at the very last minute our “Love Promise” team stepped up. We were there to help set up the night before and the next evening we were there to help where needed. For fourteen years I was certified with SafeKids. As part of SafeKids, I helped educate kids and adults with different child safety activities. Keeping kids safe in and around vehicles including is a big focus including bicycle safety and fitting kids to bicycle helmets. This event was a great opportunity to help our community in many ways and to reconnect with community members. Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru is always willing and prepared to step up and provide volunteer where needed.

National Night Out

Memorial Weekend 2021 - Kathleen G

In 2018 we met this super sweet elderly lady named Kathleen, who came into Ontario Auto Ranch Subaru to buy a brand new car. She had no idea what she wanted but stated she wanted to drive them all. Three Saturdays in a row we took her out so she could make her decision. She finally decided on a new Subaru Crosstrek. Everyone got to know her and talked to her over weeks and many visits. She shared the story of the last wishes of her late husband, and love of her life. He had survived the war, serving in the Air Force and had survived his first round with cancer. One of his last wishes before he passed away was that she would buy a brand new car so he would always know she was safe. She continues to use (now) Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru for all her service, any questions about her car or stops to just say hi. In March of 2021 she had stopped in for a tire light that had come on. The service department got her taken care of and even washed and vacuumed her Crosstrek. While she waited she talked about how the last year had been so tough and she no longer felt safe to drive very far and certainly could not drive at highway speeds. A few tears dropped as she explained how she felt the need to visit the cemetery where her late husband was buried, because she had not been able to get there the last 2-years. Our Subaru Love Promise Team put our heads together and decided that one of us would spend the Saturday before Memorial Day 2021 with her. We put a quick plan in place, but it took some convincing for her to accept our offer. We had packed water, snacks and a sturdy chair so she could sit and spend as much time as she needed there. That Saturday morning we picked her up at her home, took her to the local nursery, so she could buy flowers to decorate his site and drove her 40 miles to the cemetery. This was one of the greatest things we, as team could have done. She was overwhelmed with the generosity and the love we shared with her. She offered to pay for gas, food and our time, we just smiled and said no thank you, this is for you, we have it all covered. She was so grateful that she had such kind and caring people in her life and that she was able to purchase her Subaru Crosstrek, and fulfill her late husband’s last wishes. We plan to do this again next year and bring a little love and hope to someone who is in need.

Memorial Weekend 2021

Ani-Care Animal Shelter Dog Adoption - Amanda G

I want to start off by thanking you for yet again, another amazing event! We have never had so many long term dogs find their forever homes. Because of your commitment to the Subaru Loves Pets event, we were able to adopt out 35 dogs, some of which we had had for almost 2 years! This has been the craziest year we have ever had and are so thankful we were able to participate again in this year's event. Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru has the most amazing dog set up not only for people to bring their dogs while shopping but to hold events like this. We were able to free run dogs inside the play area and allow people to come in and play fetch or give snuggles to the dogs. Since covid, we have not had any volunteers at the shelter which leaves just me to give attention to the dogs. It was wonderful to see them able to play with other people and especially kids. I cannot thank Subaru and Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru enough for putting on this event and making it such a big deal. We also had a local news agency, Living in the come out and were able to adopt out even more dogs after the live broadcast. People from all over were showing up and getting a hold of us to come out. Subaru's generous donation for every dog adopted will help us keep up with the piles of vet bills we have every month to ensure all dogs are fixed, microchipped, and current on immunizations. Not to mention the injured dogs that come in. You all have given me more hope than ever as we head into this frigid winter with covid restrictions. Again, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful event that we look forward to every year. This was the most successful year we have ever had and we hope next year will be even better.

Ani-Care Animal Shelter Dog Adoption

Holly Get's A Forever Home - Ani-Care A

Holly had been at Ani-Care Animal Shelter for nearly a year. She didn't have any injuries and wasn't a vicious dog, she just wanted a home and nobody seemed to want her. She had been to the vet and everything checked out perfect for her but still no interest. People would come into the shelter and leave with a dog but not with Holly. She is a very loving dog and really loves people but being an older dog it was hard to find her a home. Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru starting showcasing Holly the first part of October and inviting people to share the posts and help find her a forever home! During the National Make A Dogs Day, October 22nd, Holly got to meet a lot of people. Wearing her Subaru bandana very proudly. She pranced around and offered up lots of smiles and licks. Well, Holly finally got her forever home! She met her new human owner at Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru that Thursday. Carol had seen the posts and came in to meet her, it was love at first sight! Holly perked up and started barking as soon as Carol was walking toward the dog park. When Carol told us she was there to meet Holly we all crossed our fingers. It was a perfect match. We let Carol take Holly to a separate area to bond and it only took minutes for the two of them to fall in love. We are so happy that Holly is now settling into her new home, she is definitely the boss!

Holly Get's A Forever Home

Malheur County Meals On Wheels - Sandra S

Malheur Council on Aging would like to express its gratitude to Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru for their generous donation of $5090.63 to our Meals on Wheels Program. This donation will purchase 1,853 meals and will serve our seniors for three weeks. Last week our program delivered 622 meals to our home bound Malheur County seniors. Although, their donation is extremely important, we know that it is only one of the many ways that Subaru has gone the extra mile to help communities. Without donations like theirs we would not be able to continue our essential services to seniors in Malheur County. This service is a lifeline for many of our community who want to remain in their homes as long as possible. This is a story of one of the many Meals on Wheels customers, her name is Bertie. She has been living alone for the last five years since her husband Hal, a Korean War Vet passed away. She is 85 years young as she would say with a smile. Before her Rheumatoid Arthritis became severe she came to the local senior center for lunches twice a week, enjoying the meals and recreation there with her friends. Sadly, she isn’t mobile enough now to drive or really leave her home. She has three grown children who live at least a day’s drive from her. Her support system is comprised of two small rescue dogs, Snickerdoodle (Snicker) and Charlie. At the beginning of each delivery, Bertie’s volunteer is greeted with a chorus of delighted yips and barks. Bertie and her volunteer have become friends during the time she has been on the program. Every delivery day, Bertie began to wait with anticipation for her meals and most of all the volunteer. They would discuss everything from world affairs to favorite recipes. One day, Bertie came to the door carrying a cupcake with a single lit candle. She said this was a small birthday token for her friend the volunteer who helped her get through each and every day since they had met.As heartwarming as these interactions are for us and our clients, they also give us a peek into the lives of those we serve and allow us to provide not just a meal, but a bit of human companionship and a watchful eye toward their health and well being. By their continued support to our community the wonderful people at Stateline Auto Ranch Subaru allow us to be part of their mission and in this way truly keep the Love Promise. Thank you Subaru for your generosity, community support and compassion for our seniors.Thank you, Sandra Shelton Malheur Council on Aging and Community Services 842 SE 1st AveOntario, Or. 97914

Malheur County Meals On Wheels
Malheur County Meals On Wheels

Subaru Loves To Care - Helen D

Employees of Ontario Auto Ranch Subaru delivered Messages of Hope , Warm Blankets, Totes and Children Craft Sets to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center for local Cancer Patients. As part of Subaru Loves to Care it is a pleasure for the Ontario Auto Ranch Subaru Employees to give so much back. "Subaru Loves to Care is all about improving the health of our local communities and we are proud to once again work alongside our valued partner, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to continue supporting patients and their families battling cancer," said Alan Bethke, senior vice president of marketing at Subaru of America. "We hope that through this program, our gestures of hope will comfort and warm those who need it most."

St. Alphonsus Medical Center
Subaru Loves To Care